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Short Story: A Summer Surprise with Two Penguins and Blue Tomatoes

Hooray for summer!

I tied a shark’s fin around my body, while my two pig-nosed penguins named Piyoz and Gunter put on their steampunk scanner goggles. We were screaming the “Happy Happy Joy Joy” song as we hit the beach. I belly-flopped to the water, did a few breast strokes and forgot about my piggly wigglies.

Piyoz! Blotitus! Come out, come out wherever you are!” I yelled.

Not far away by the shore, I saw could see them waving at me and their faces were all blue when I approached them. Their goggles had detected a hybrid tomato plant that turns turns itself blue on every bite. Without a second thought, I took one bite and it tasted like… Blueberry cheesecake!

Piyoz almost gobbled the tomatoes to death and Gunter felt very sleepy that he buried himself into the sand. Then, Last thing I remembered was waking up covered in blue paint.

How did this story idea came up? It was a task from 11 years ago, 15th of July 2013 to be exact. An unpaid short, writing sample I came up with in just under 2 hours. The client loved the story, I got hired but I was let go 2 days later. I can see a few flaws while posting this story here now. Maybe you have seen more, but I still have no clear idea about what the exact reason was. All I can say is that the client’s patience ran super short during our 2-day training of some sort.

By the way, since this website is still a work in progress, please expect most of the content only in written form without any image attachments. Been oversharing in Facebook without much to talk about but no worries. I will do some cleaning up in there as well and move all that stuff in here.

P.S. Original art on the side is brought to you by Comrade Pigboom and just go here if you wish to know more about what I do!

Published by Comrade P.B.

An experienced creative content writer focused on creating unique, and original content for independent start-up companies. She is also an obsessive-compulsive introvert and cottagecore enthusiast who owns a mini pop-up shop that feature nature dioramas and a rare collection of geek finery from your all-time Anime and pop culture favorites.

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