Moshi moshi comrades!

This website was a home to almost anything and everything that came to mind since 2008. Free blogging platforms work just fine but nothing beats a self-hosted one even without any knowledge about SEO. Sugar and spice, everything’s almost nice but…


Unforeseen emergencies and change in priorities caused a much longer hiatus. Reality and adulting hit hard, turning your legendary comrade into a compulsive introvert who can barely escape workload paralysis. All that and more without making it too obvious though. So better late than never, cheers to a new beginning one baby step at a time.

By the way, since this website is still a work in progress, please expect most of the content only in written form without any image attachments. Been oversharing in Facebook without much to talk about but no worries. I will do some cleaning up in there as well and move all that stuff in here.

P.S. Original art on the side is brought to you by Comrade Pigboom and just go here if you wish to know more about what I do!