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WFH, SEO & More: Celebrating a New Beginning One Baby Step at a Time

Once upon a time, bloggers were never thought of as “influencers” or “content creators”. There was discrimination of some sort and the word “blogger” sounds like a joke to everyone else. Well, choke on that as anyone can influence everyone now even with a brain full of peanut shells.

To celebrate 16 years of existence here in the world wide web, this website will now begin its transition into a dedicated information service provider that resonates with my multiple personalities in its truest form. I know what you’re thinking but just to be clear, what I meant was having too many hobbies I can barely spend time on.

But yes, it’s still business as usual for the “nth” time around so thanks for bearing with me while I figure this out. All natural and little to no artificial flavors, all the best! Bai bai, kanpai!

By the way, since this website is still a work in progress, please expect most of the content only in written form without any image attachments. Been oversharing in Facebook without much to talk about but no worries. I will do some cleaning up in there as well and move all that stuff in here.

P.S. Original art on the side is brought to you by Comrade Pigboom and just go here if you wish to know more about what I do!

Published by Comrade P.B.

An experienced creative content writer focused on creating unique, and original content for independent start-up companies. She is also an obsessive-compulsive introvert and cottagecore enthusiast who owns a mini pop-up shop that feature nature dioramas and a rare collection of geek finery from your all-time Anime and pop culture favorites.

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