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Anime & Pop Culture: The Awakening of My Interest in the Works of Studio Ghibli

That day was nothing special when I found a mossy green plush toy among a pile of many others. I have no idea what, or who it was. Only that I have a keen interest on anything cute and weird, and the little furball captured my heart. Google Lens did not exist during that time yet. I guess it was a twist of fate when I tried doing a quick research online with the use of some random keywords and found something that exactly described it.

Totoro, that’s what it was. A forest spirit from a Japanese animated film produced by Studio Ghibli. I was so happy knowing about it and even more so upon knowing about the rest of the gang. The movie was indeed a masterpiece and I suddenly started craving to know more about the other works of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki.

To have found out about Totoro was one of my favorite accidents. I have watched over 10+ Studio Ghibli films. Some of which I have watched a couple times and my collection grew from one, to a few more plush toys and other Ghibli-related items. I even bought those bootleg ones to satisfy my craving and well, since they were cheap so why not. Thanks to a local thrift shop that is and and I have been collecting since then.

By the way, since this website is still a work in progress, please expect most of the content only in written form without any image attachments. Been oversharing in Facebook without much to talk about but no worries. I will do some cleaning up in there as well and move all that stuff in here.

P.S. Original art on the side is brought to you by Comrade Pigboom and just go here if you wish to know more about what I do!

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