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Fashion: My Once Top Favorite Thrift Shops in Iloilo City

Not having as much spare time anymore so I have boiled down my top favorite thrift shops in Iloilo City. Some shops aren’t what they used to be as well and finding something that I like seems a lot harder than usual. In any case, Joemil’s, a thrift shop alongside Citadines Amigo Iloilo is my usual first stop because of all the clothes, bags, caps and shoes that they have available. Everything is well-sorted and priced accordingly from shirts, blouses, jackets, dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, etc.

My next stop would be Toppings whenever I want to find some rare home items to add to my collection. Not sure now and it was years ago since my last visit there and home items weren’t as much anymore. Magarbo is another thrift shop that always go on super sale and clothes are sorted by color. Not as well-sorted compared to Joemil’s but still worth a visit. By the way, Toppings and Magarbo is located inside the MaryMart Mall and there are many other thrift stores around that’s worth a visit if you have more time to spare.

Moving on, Adiwang located across BPI Iznart is where I can usually find exactly what I’m looking for and that include plushies of a few of my favorites characters. They don’t sell such itemsĀ as often as before though but Adiwang also has a wide range of items in store for you.

Which one is my most fave? Joemil’s is the place to be if you want to make the most of your time, effort and money. Haggle with much respect and you’ll save even more because most of their branded items are good as brand new. That’s all for now and please note that this post is a rework from 9 years ago. No new research has been done so don’t hesitate to drop your comments if you know much more.

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