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As previously covered, Bavaria had already been known as a German restaurant not to miss in Iloilo City. But since I have the slightest interest about Germany, I didn’t bother to order something with sausages.

I was just after that large mug of beer, so nothing more but the usual pizza-and-pasta combo meal for me.

The beer!

Yay! The beer! Radler Mass… Php 160

The pizza!

The pasta! Spicy Chorizo… Php 180

The pizza!

The pizza! Farmer’s Ham… Php 240

What’s on the rest of their menu

Just click any of the images for a better view, and a copy of the whole menu can also be downloaded through Bavaria’s Facebook Page. I took the liberty to cut it into pieces because what they have posted was an image as large as the actual menu itself with texts that I can’t barely read. Finally a much clearer view of it!

So how did my whole dining experience in Bavaria went? I could barely remember, or describe it at the moment. In another time maybe.

What Others Have Said

“If you’re looking for a good, quiet meal with a hefty mug of Bavarian brew and time isn’t an issue, then this is the perfect place for you to eat lunch or dinner in Iloilo City.” ~ IloiloNetPH

“I had the Butcher’s Platter. It had everything on it – crispy pork knuckles, sausage, bacon, mashed potatoes, salad and sauerkraut. This is one of my favorite restos in Iloilo. I will come back for the Schnitzels and the Pot Roast.” ~ The Hungry Tourist Eats

“When we speak of sausage, there’s not a place in Iloilo that can offer it as good as Bavaria. It is home to authentic European sausages served to perfection.” ~ Angel Diamante

“When we were in college, we used to go to Bavaria during special occasions. Bavaria offers authentic German food. For us who were college studes on a tight budget then, we would share an order of rosti (an appetizer — shredded potato) which was PHP 25 a plate then (year 2000). I don’t know how much this appetizer costs nowadays. And Spezi (a kind of cocktail drink only PHP 35 a tall glass then) and German beer (PHP 35 a bottle).” ~ ayn_g, a VirtualTourist.com member

And a few more at Foursquare.

Missed my previous post about Bavaria’s interior feats and ambiance? Just go here and stay tuned for more in the next post!


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