Ukay-Ukay Version 3.0 (Discover More in Iloilo City)

ukay ukay in Iloilo

We have this notion that relief clothes aren’t meant to be sold but for donation purposes only. Relief or used clothes… Such terms would sound alarming to a germ freak like me. Ukay-ukay could be just the same but we also have this notion that what’s being sold are sec0nd-hand. The items are either pre-loved, given as a present, not the right fit, bought for no reason or a factory overrun. Or perhaps, you just need to make extra money due to a financial emergency. It’s more like a garage sale that comes in different forms. Now that sounds a whole lot better.

I can’t find any concrete facts how the ukay culture started. Iloilo City’s getting a non-stop upgrade. More and more local, national and international clothing brands are emerging and coming over. But of course, a wise buyer can just go ukay-ukay shopping. No sweat and you’ll be an instant fashion icon at a very cheap price.

I’ve already provided you a list of my top 5 favorite ukay-ukay centers. I’ve given you an update about my most favorite one too. Now, I’ll give you a brief recap with a few add-ons about the places where you can go ukay-ukay shopping in Iloilo.

1 . Joemil’s (Highly Recommended)

This place is over-the-top. From clothes of all sorts, they also sell bags, caps, shoes and some kid’s stuff. All of their items are of great quality, well-sorted out and they have about 4 branches that are just nearby each other.

TIP: If the branch you’ve visited isn’t on sale, ask which other one/s are and off you go on a super-ukay shopping spree experience!

Store Locations:

  • Alongside the main entrance of Amigo Terrace Hotel/Dainty House Restaurant
  • Ground floor and
  • second floor of MaryMart Mall
  • 1688 Mall, nearby Robinson’s Place

2. Magarbo (A-OK but no fitting room)

This place sorts items by color and they also sell some plushies. Not all are good as new but they have a branch where all the clothes are sold for Php 100 only. It’s only a matter of weeks when everything must go and you can buy 3 – 6 items for the same price.

Store Locations:

  • Ground floor of MaryMart Mall
  • GT Mall, Molo

3. Adiwang (Good enough for a quick visit)

This place is like a cluttered combo of Joemil’s and Magarbo. It’s best to just have a quick visit due to the limited items on sale. Clothes are still reasonably-priced here though. So it’s still worth a try.

Location: across BPI Iznart

4. Toppings (Not to be missed)

This place is not to be missed due to the wide selection of items that they sell. What you can find here are ladies wear, men’s wear, sportswear, sleepwear, women’s accessories, bags, footwear, kid’s stuff, plushies, books, household items and even bed clothes. And they run a sale where you can buy one item and get one for free. You just have to pay for the item that has a higher price.

Location: MaryMart Mall

5. Your Virtual Vintage Boutique (For your vintage clothing needs)

This Iloilo-based, online boutique sells vintage-style clothing by some of the biggest fashion brands in the market today. Business is done online and you must choose wisely to make sure that the item you ordered is a right fit.

What’s great here is that the owner personally picks and meticulously checks the items being sold. I’m not quite sure if the boutique accepts orders outside Iloilo but it’s still worth checking out.

Location: Go here

6. Sidings (For more options)

This place is a counterpart of Toppings. There’s not much fun here but it’s still a good ukay place if you’re looking for more options.

Location: MaryMart Mall

For a whole lot more of options, if you’ve got all the time in your hands and if you’ve got enough to spend, then other places that you can go to are the 1688 Mall nearby Robinson’s Place, the GT Plaza Mall in Molo and The Atrium.

Formerly known as 168 Allegro Plaza Mall, beside Chowking Iznart is also another option and alongside are a several ukay stalls too.


7. Precious Gold Merchandising (For your Korea-made cravings)

This place is not the typical ukay store. It’s not that big but here you can find bags, Korean furniture, cookware and a whole lot more.

Location: Quezon Street, alongside Robinson’s Mall

8. NGB Japan Surplus (Highly recommended for all your Japan-made cravings)

This place is also not the typical. It’s like an ukay-style department store where you can find a wide selection of Japan-made items including bikes, home and office furniture, table and kitchenware, electronics, home appliances and so much more. Yes, they also sell clothes, footwear, bags, hats, plushies, various small items and a whole lot more.

Location: across Forest Lake, Mandurriao

There’s another small surplus shop alongside the main road of Pavia. But I’m not sure if they’re still in the business. I might go check on it one day. I’ll just update you by then.

P.S. If you’re to inquire about where to find a good ukay supplier in Iloilo, my apologies for I have no idea at all. I have no idea if the places I’ve mentioned are accommodating wholesale buyers, or allowing any other interested wholesaler or retailer to make a deal with their respective direct suppliers. I might have the courage to ask them on my next visit, we’ll see.

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