Top 12 Snails and Slugs in Science Fiction

(via Nicole Mitchell/infidel753)

With eyes popping right out of their heads, snails (and slugs) could be the worst pests ever. I do not fear them but thinking about the slime and all just makes me feel yuck!

But thanks to science fiction for putting a touch of awesomeness and cuteness into them. They turned out adorable and could be good to keep as pets.

Inspired by a post from Topless Robot, here are some not-so-slimy snails and slugs in science fiction you need to love right now.

1. Mub and Grub in the movie Epic

The Protectors of the Pods (via

 2. Slug, the late student in Monsters University

Just a slug, a bright yellow slug monster… (via

3. Theo in the movie Turbo

The snail who dreams of being the fastest (via gannett-cdn)

4 .White Shadow in the movie Turbo

“Fast, like a shadow” (via

5. The rest of the Pit Crew (Smoove Move, Whiplash, Skidmark and Burn) in the movie Turbo

The trash-talking adrenaline junkies (via

6. Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars

The large, slug-like alien (via fanpop)

7. Gary the Snail in SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob’s “overweight” pet snail who meows like a cat (via

8. Snorlock in Adventure Time

The gigantic green slug who thinks he is a snail (via bagoush)

9. The killer black slugs in the classic horror movie Slugs 

Slugs, muerte viscosa (based on the novel Slugs by Shaun Hutson, via ninjadixon)

10. Katsuyu in Naruto

The personal summon of Tsunade and Sakura Haruno (via

11. The Giant Old Snail (大古蝸, Ōgoka) in Naruto

The personal summon of Himitsu Yumekuni (via

12. A group of Snails (蝸牛, Kagyū) in Naruto

The personal summons of Sarutobi Yorozuya (via


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