Time to Start Blogging Again and Unfuck Myself Right

Shut the fuck up

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Holy guacamole!  It is time to start blogging again and I should be writing right now. These past few months (or years), my spirit of blogging have been buzzing off and fell into a deep sleep.

My blog went on holiday for a break because shit happened. My blog content was nowhere to be found. It went missing due to server hosting problems or whatsoever (something that has got to do with Google I guess). I was almost past the point of no return. I never expected this to happen and there was no back-up.

But hope was still in my heart.

I am a self-taught blogger, it was just a trial and error learning but it brought me fame and fortune. So I said to myself, “Never give up, never surrender.”

All I have to do is start over again. The cost to renew my domain is not that expensive anyway and just my luck, I have found out how to recover missing blog content.

Thanks to the Internet Archive for creating the Wayback Machine, I was able to search for my missing blog content. Now I can bring my blog back to life, right?

But wait, I have these prior commitments that must be taken care of upfront. Phew, phew… there was no time for a celebration yet.

I do not want to boil down the details anymore so I will skip the drama and move on to tell you about my worst blogging relaunch experience ever. I forgot the exact date but the first time I set my blog to maintenance mode, I just assumed all will be well despite of not having a plan.

There was no schedule or specific relaunch date. Failure, it resulted. I took my blog for granted and I overestimated myself. Things had changed and the efforts I spent were put to waste.

While I did not feel the itch to blog anymore, I still did not give up and relaunched my blog a few more times. It was a slow and unsteady start, and I have this uncertain grasp on the power of social media.

With fame on my mind, to blog again was a really hard puzzle for me to solve. I do have a large network of online friends, some are also into blogging but it seems that I do not get the support that I need.

Maybe because I was trying hard or something, but I do not give a damn anyway. I am most concerned about how I am going to pick myself up. I went from fame to super epic fail.

I fucked myself up and turned myself into a one-hit wonder. Maybe I need to get my ass kicked or my face punched.

The last relaunch I did was a year ago and all of the sudden, my spirit of blogging sparked. It was just a tiny spark but I started to blog again. It was still a slow start but I have found steadiness. I created a few, irregular blog posts and with a little social media marketing, I was able to reach a larger audience.

But then again, worse came to worst weeks ago. 000Webhost deactivated my blog and I could not access the backend of my blog in any way that was possible. I was advised to upgrade my hosting plan and this was another unexpected moment for me.

I have never set aside a budget for a hosting upgrade, so what is in for me now?

Face palm, luck is out of my life.

Despite that, I still never thought of giving up and thought of using third party blogging websites instead. What matters most is my commitment, right? And at least, there is very little risk and I do not get to spend any money.

But wait, my partner thought that to upgrade my hosting plan is the best thing to do. I was unsure but hey, this might give me the motivation to really make the effort to overcome this big challenge in my life.

Okay fine, why not. So please excuse me while I unfuck myself right. I am wiped out. But I will give blogging another shot and this time with a paid hosting plan.

Thanks be to God I am always blessed.


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