Oink! Another Year and I’m Still Here!


Another “ber-month”, another year of spending the least possible time working on my computer and on the Internet. Another unexpected series of unfavorable yet “it happens for a reason” events and there’s only one route to take. Rain or shine, I chose to face what lies ahead with a positive attitude. It’s a rough journey. Shit happens. Reality bites. But yeah, it’s one of the best. Continue reading

Welcoming Another First “Ber” Month By Saying YES… To Minimal Internet Use (And Digital Clutter!)


It’s the time of the year again. Oh yeah, here comes another first “ber” month and I just can’t wait for the beer month to come too!

This month of every year is always to look forward to. Not because the weather just going to be a bit cooler (it’s actually raining earlier today). But it’s as well my birth month! Continue reading