Affordable Boracay Accommodation with an Interesting Environment and an All-in-One Caretaker

Cheap Rental Place in Boracay
Front/left side view of the rental home (via

If you are looking for an affordable Boracay accommodation, this rental home is a good place to stay for a good price.

This home is an 1850’s inspired structure. It is made of concrete, octagon shaped and wheat colored. It is two storeys high with 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms and a balcony.

It is large enough for the whole clan and fully furnished for your comfort and convenience (like you never left home).

Because of its shape, this affordable Boracay accommodation could bring a lot of sunshine inside and it keeps its cool even in summer. The balcony has a view overlooking the ocean and mountains. So you can feel the salty breeze and the view is much better at the top.

Amenities and Perks

  • Air-conditioned rooms with double bunk beds and bathrooms with hot and cold shower. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep and a relaxing bath!
  • Cable TV and wireless internet connection. So you could stay connected while on vacation!
  • Spacious backyard with a barbeque and gazebo area. To dry your laundry, and to have a BBQ party!
  • Washing machine. So you can do your own laundry with ease!
  • Available to use are other home items including a refrigerator, a microwave, a toaster and a gas stove. Your food stays fresh and your beer cold, and you can ACTUALLY cook your own food!
  • All-in-one caretaker. He is trusted by previous guests, locals and foreigners alike. He does the housekeeping and maintenance. Things he could for you include doing the laundry, going marketing and grocery shopping, cooking and running errands. He is exclusively yours and available anytime you need assistance during your stay.

The caretaker is a great tour guide too. All that for only $5 (PhP200) a day. Your orders will be done, pronto! and you could enjoy vacation like a boss.

Location and Environment

This affordable Boracay accommodation is unbranded (does not carry a brand name). It is situated in a privately owned neighborhood, so there is nothing to worry about being disturbed by any loud or unreasonable noise. 😉

It is not beachfront, but the environment is far more interesting.

From Manoc Manoc to Boracay Station 3
From this rental home (Manoc Manoc) to Boracay Station 3

From this rental home, you could reach Boracay Station 3 in about 20 minutes on foot. You could exercise without even knowing it and it sure is more fun to explore what lies behind the back of the beach.

From Manoc Manoc to Any Station in Boracay
From this rental home (Manoc Manoc) to Any Station in Boracay

You will be surprised to see many more interesting places nearby. It is safe to walk at night too. Just carry a flashlight so you could clearly see your path.

Hilly and Rocky Path
BEFORE: Hilly and rocky path, bushy all over and very few neighbors. (via

Back when the hilly path was still rocky and rough, this rental home was unsuitable for people who have restricted mobility and certain health conditions.

You could instantly find a tricycle anytime you need one but the path was a bit hard to access. You have to be extra careful when walking along the path and going back to this rental home felt like hiking a mountain.

Concrete Path
AFTER: The path now is made of concrete. Less bushy and have new neighbors too! (via

Fortunately, the path now is made of concrete and you could get to your destination a lot easier. The caretaker could go down the path to fetch you a ride and you could have yourself dropped off right by the gate.

About Your Stay

Bedroom #2, 3 Person Maximum Capacity
Bedroom #2, 3 Person Maximum Capacity (via

This rental home can accommodate up to 11 people with a minimum stay of 2 nights. If you are only going to rent some rooms, certain conditions will apply and that would depend on your agreement with the owners. There is no guarantee of getting a discount but who knows, you might be the next lucky guest.

About the Owners

This rental home is well looked-after, always spotlessly clean and good as new, by Australian-based owners. They are frequent travelers just like everyone else and they know the sucky parts of  living away from home. They treat their customers really well and even serve them above and beyond expectations.

Getting There

This rental home is located at Bantud, Manoc Manoc (or Barangay Manoc Manoc, Bantud) in Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan. Getting there is of no trouble because the caretaker will be standing by at the Boracay Jetty Port to fetch you upon your arrival.

Contact Information

If you are interested to rent this place, please email your inquiries to this address:

NOTE: Any inquiries addressed through this post or blog will be ignored. So do not leave a reply below or send me message about your inquiries via the contact form. 

For more information, additional photos and to check availability, just go here.

Content Disclaimer

This review is a rework and originally titled Reasonably-Priced and Homely Rental Place in Boracay”. At, the photos provided for this place were taken during its first few months of launching. So things, especially the bedrooms, would look a bit different from then on.

If you are a previous customer, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Any other inquiries, just send them through the contact form. Thanks.


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