Let’s Make Every Day an Earth Day


setsuko (via universe of discourse)

Support for environmental protection? Check!

Honoring the Earth? Check!

A day or a few more to tackle all environmental issues (an hour of turning off every non-essential light and more)… It’s not enough to save the Earth from destruction. If we really wish to save our planet, then we should dare ourselves to make every day an Earth Day. Continue reading

Welcoming Another First “Ber” Month By Saying YES… To Minimal Internet Use (And Digital Clutter!)


It’s the time of the year again. Oh yeah, here comes another first “ber” month and I just can’t wait for the beer month to come too!

This month of every year is always to look forward to. Not because the weather just going to be a bit cooler (it’s actually raining earlier today). But it’s as well my birth month! Continue reading