Oink! Another Year and I’m Still Here!


Another “ber-month”, another year of spending the least possible time working on my computer and on the Internet. Another unexpected series of unfavorable yet “it happens for a reason” events and there’s only one route to take. Rain or shine, I chose to face what lies ahead with a positive attitude. It’s a rough journey. Shit happens. Reality bites. But yeah, it’s one of the best.

Brighter days are now ahead of me. I know darkness is just around the corner but I don’t care. Life’s never dark of me anyway. Darkness, it’s on my mind, but in a different perspective. You’ll eventually find out about what I mean as I continue to share with you my special interest in many different art forms.

To family, friends old and new, former clients and co-workers, readers who chose to stick around and of course, the dearly departed and the Almighty One, apologies for the long silence and thanks for everything. You’re the only ones who know the whole story. I’m not promising anything. Never ever. But yes, I’m still here and never giving up.

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