Holy Mother Of Donuts! Any Idea When Krispy Kreme and J.CO Will Actually Open In Iloilo City?

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FLASH REPORT!!! Iloilo’s First Battle of the Donuts, an epic donut showdown and the clash of the donut titans! Iloilo City and beyond are excited. A quick research will lead you to blogs buzzing about the good news…

Source as shown on photo.

(Source as shown on photo.)

Krispy Kreme is coming to town and taking over Red Ribbon’s spot at SM City’s main entrance by the month of May.

Source as shown on photo.

(Source also as shown on photo.)

While J.CO takes over Stavros’ spot at the South side just beside Starbucks by the next month, 16h of June!

Finally, the long wait is almost over. But wait…

The month of July is nearing its end and not even one of them has opened?

Promises, promises… Yes, breaking one is unavoidable and nobody’s perfect anyway. (So it’s okay. It’s alright. We’re free to make as many promises as we can and just forget about making even one!)

But what if two doughnut companies as “hot and famous” as Krispy Kreme and J.CO keep their “supposed” locations closed without further notice after the announced opening dates?

Would you still love them just the way they are without any idea what had happened? Last time I checked, Krispy Kreme’s spot remains reserved with the announced opening date no longer visible. J.CO’s spot remains as it is, but has another (new) spot at the Robinson Place’s main entrance.

When will it open? No idea. With what Iloilo City already has, I doubt that anyone will still care as much.

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