Growing Your Own Food Is More Fun In Iloilo City With Hydroponics (A Hobby That Can Pay Its Own Way Too!)

Hydroponics may have almost passed its time. Not totally! Because thanks to today’s generation for the term is still new to their ears… now it’s coming back to life again!

What hydroponics is all about? I myself had initially no idea. Not until about 2 years ago when I found a new job and was tasked to write about it.

Soil-less gardening that has “something yet nothing” got to do with growing your own cannabis. Okay, that’s sounds really pretty interesting. Sure boss, I’ll do it with much pleasure!

For a period of almost one year plus, I’ve learned so much and beyond. I became so enthusiastic about hydroponics that I even looked forward to grow my own food the same way someday.

  • But how come very few knew about it?
  • How come very few actually practiced it?
  • Why it’s as if no one stood up for it?
  • Why I’ve hardly heard it on the news?
  • Why not among the other ways to solve world hunger?

Those questions I’ve asked myself, and I was about to lose my hope.

But thanks once more to that one update from my Facebook Newsfeed just days ago. Finall, a light has shed on the matter and have reached out the local community of Iloilo City!

Say hello to Iloilo Hydroponics Garden/Farm, a hydroponics farm located in the district of Mandurriao and owned by the Lazarraga siblings (or boys) Francis and Victor.

No further details yet. But what I’ve found out through their page is the Association of Differently-Abled Persons in Iloilo Multi-Purpose Cooperative that have put hydroponics gardening (or farming) into practice for  quite some time now.

Just see below for a video presentation of it:

A little amateurish, but thumbs up for the effort. The sad and obvious thing though was that the association have a low online presence.

  • There’s very little information shared to the public.
  • The video got some comments, yet no response from the uploader.

And because it’s an association of people with disabilities, they’re at some point still treated as if they have nothing else to prove their worthiness.

Well, if you haven’t helped yourself in a way that nobody else could, then think again. These people did something more worthwhile than any normal person did, by encouraging creativity and innovation!

Researching further, I’ve found out more…

  • Aqua Organika – An aquaponics company located in the municipality of Miag-ao.
  • Goducate Training Center Iloilo – A non-profit org located in the municipality of San Miguel that promotes hydroponics gardening and vermiculture.
  • Garin Farm in San Joaquin – An inland resort that’s said to have a welcoming agricultural section and showcasing the hydroponics farming technique.

“Under urban settings such as in towns and cities of Iloilo and the rest of Western Visayas where much of the backyard spaces are either limited or concreted, household members will benefit greatly from this technology.  Leafy (pechay, lettuce, green onion, mustard), fruit (tomatoes, eggplant, sweet pepper), beans (string beans, mungbeans, lima beans),  and vine (cucumber, ampalaya, squash) vegetables are ideal for hydroponics backyard production. Recyclable materials such as styrofor boxes for imported grapes, 1.5-liter size bottles, and other plastic containers can be used as growing media while carbonized rice hull or coco coir are possible soil substitutes.” ~ Ric Patricio, Iloilo Metropolitan Times

So that’s good news then. I hope that what I just found out won’t cease to exist and will continue to inspire the local community of Iloilo City and beyond.

Interested in hydroponics but lack of know-how? It’s not a problem and I’m sure that you know the reason why.


4 thoughts on “Growing Your Own Food Is More Fun In Iloilo City With Hydroponics (A Hobby That Can Pay Its Own Way Too!)

  1. Oh, very nice! Thanks for writing this! 😀 Francis and Victor are close friends of my husband. They’ve been growing their own veggies for their family, but they’re planning to expand and turn it into a business.

  2. Hydroponics gardening is new to me. Thank you for posting this very informative and interesting idea in gardening. I wish to have this in our GULAYAN SA PAARALAN here in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte. This will make our garden a unique one. Please share to us how to start this hydroponics gardening. Again, thank you very much.

  3. Hi Nenita!

    Thanks for dropping by and taking your time to read this post. Readers like you are always welcome. Anyway, I’m happy that you’re interested in hydroponics. I can share with you some reference links but there are a few factors that must be considered. If you wish to know more, just message me via my CONTACT page.

    Thanks again, I look forward to hear from you soon.


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