Cereal Goodness and More at Cerealicious Cafe

Lots of sugar… not so much spice yet still everything nice, experience the sweeter side of cereal like you’ve never had before. With 24 cereal flavors to choose from, it’s a cereal goodness to the blockbuster level here at the Cerealicious Cafe. Yes, it’s because of the cafe’s cereal selections that are named after movies. The Nerd of the Rings, Crunchformers and Term-O-Nator to name a few.

Cerealicious Cafe also serves all-day breakfast meals, chop steaks, sizzlers, pasta, other snacks like nachos, fries and mojos and drinks including cold, flavored teas and even coffee. It sure is a fun dining experience at the cafe, kids and kids-at-heart will always crave for more.

Cerealicious Cafe is located at:

Block 20/Lot 7 JB Tan Street
BF Resort Village
Las Piñas, PH

The cafe opens from 10:00AM to 10:00PM and if you dread the heavy traffic or just not in the mood to go out, then no worries. Just dial 893-4180 or 738-8684 and make an inquiry regarding their delivery service. For more information, just go here.

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