My Take On Helping Others To Help Themselves… A Blogger’s Not So Great Yet Still A Success Story

Seriously, I’m not that good on helping others aside from housekeeping and running errands. If only I get to be paid for doing so! But then again, I just love shipshaping things and making them all squeaky clean. So I do it anyway with all my might, even without being asked. Continue reading

30 Things I Have Done to Kickstart My New Year

fat faceHello New Year once again, the Year of the Wood (or Wooden) Horse, I wonder what lies ahead for me this time? I do not give a damn, surprises are more fun for me anyway.

To celebrate my 30 years of life, I am embarking on a “30 Per List Post Challenge”. I actually have never made any prior plans but it was such a great feeling to look back at my life. Continue reading

Time to Start Blogging Again and Unfuck Myself Right

Shut the fuck up


Holy guacamole!  It is time to start blogging again and I should be writing right now. These past few months (or years), my spirit of blogging have been buzzing off and fell into a deep sleep.

My blog went on holiday for a break because shit happened. My blog content was nowhere to be found. It went missing due to server hosting problems or whatsoever (something that has got to do with Google I guess). I was almost past the point of no return. I never expected this to happen and there was no back-up. Continue reading