Ukay-Ukay Version 3.0 (Discover More in Iloilo City)

ukay ukay in Iloilo

We have this notion that relief clothes aren’t meant to be sold but for donation purposes only. Relief or used clothes… Such terms would sound alarming to a germ freak like me. Ukay-ukay could be just the same but we also have this notion that what’s being sold are sec0nd-hand. The items are either pre-loved, given as a present, not the right fit, bought for no reason or a factory overrun. Or perhaps, Continue reading

An Update on My Top Favorite Ukay-Ukay Center in Iloilo City


I’ve boiled down my top fave ukay centers here in Iloilo City. And it’s just because I don’t have as much spare time anymore. Some ukay centers have also changed and finding something that I like seems a lot harder than usual.
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Let’s Make Every Day an Earth Day


setsuko (via universe of discourse)

Support for environmental protection? Check!

Honoring the Earth? Check!

A day or a few more to tackle all environmental issues (an hour of turning off every non-essential light and more)… It’s not enough to save the Earth from destruction. If we really wish to save our planet, then we should dare ourselves to make every day an Earth Day. Continue reading

Ukay-Ukay Version 2.0 (A Shopaholic’s Guide to Frugal and Fabulous Shopping in Iloilo City)

Ever since I was a kid that I’ve learned to live the most frugal way and it’s only a “PLAN B” to shop for clothes at the supermalls. I’ve actually never looked at such a habit the same way even if I’ve got lots of free time to spend. Continue reading

Growing Your Own Food Is More Fun In Iloilo City With Hydroponics (A Hobby That Can Pay Its Own Way Too!)

Hydroponics may have almost passed its time. Not totally! Because thanks to today’s generation for the term is still new to their ears… now it’s coming back to life again! Continue reading