Café Panay Feels Like Dining In A Private Home Sweet Home (Just The Right Place To Get Work Done Too!)

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Tocino Meal

Café Panay might not be standing in a perfect spot. Located along a road dominated by the locals and vehicle repair shops of some sort, who would have thought such a place would ever exist?

An array of native delicacies presented like a typical tiangge and there are souvenir items being sold. Plus all-day breakfast meals, good coffee, native delicacies and more.

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WIFI’s on the house, been here for the nth time and it’s always a blast!

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What’s on the menu ain’t so grand yet so earthy.

Every bite and gulp of it can make you feel like… you’ve never left home.

Café Panay

Bits of artsy-fartsy…

Not super spacious, but there’s still enough room for everyone.

It’s well-kept too and you can almost see the entire kitchen as you make an order (not shown in photos, sorry). Everyone’s well-attended and the owners/staff always behaves in a friendly-manner.

My sincerest apologies for breaking a seat. LOL.

Well, this was a first time experience and thanks everyone for the concern. But it didn’t really hurt so no worries. Blame it on my weight I guess, and the food that I just ate.

What’s on our mind as first-time customers (April 10th)…

The perfect place to waste an entire day and despite being on a much busier street, the aura is so comforting and homey from the inside out. Café Panay is sure a place to be!

What’s exactly on the menu? Just go here~(x.x)~

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