Bavaria, A German Restaurant Not To Miss In Iloilo City

Oh, for the love pigs... Can I have this for take out?

Oh, for the love pigs… Can I have this for take out?

I have the slightest interest about Germany. But when it comes to beer, it’s another story. I love beer, and I can’t bear missing a place like Bavaria that serves a liter of German beer in a large mug!

When I finally got the chance to dine in there, the interior feats surprised me the most (and that’s what this post will be all about).

An artfully painted wall for that great view by the window. I just wonder who 's the artist behind it!

A creatively painted wall for that great view by the window. I just wonder who’s the artist behind it!

At the topmost right corner of the wall, an antique clock by Coca-Cola! Can I have that for take-out too?

At the top right corner is an antique Coca-Cola clock! Can I have it for take-out too?

Some more rare artifacts I guess :-D

Some more rare artifacts I guess 😀

A Brief History (via Flavours of Iloilo)

Located along the quiet Seminario Street in Jaro, this quaint little restaurant has been “open secret” among Ilonggo foodies for around 13 years. Like a typical German tavern, the restaurant has given Ilonggos a chance to experience the Deutsch fashion of merry eating and drinking.

I wanted to bring something unique to the Ilonggos and food is always a good option” says Helen Stummer, owner of Bavaria. “And they won’t only appreciate the food but also the setting and ambiance”.

But it didn’t start this way” she reveals. ”It was borne out of the need to complement my other business venture – the Nagarao Island Resort off Guimaras”.

Her abode (on the same lot) used to accommodate resort guests who arrived off the schedule or those wanted to go around Iloilo City.

Later, she decided to transform part of her house into a pension (formerly Iloilo City Inn, now known as Bavaria Inn Iloilo) to shelter more guests.

And the need to nourish them gave birth to Bavaria” she discloses.

More information about Bavaria’s interior feats and ambiance

“A narrow hallway brings guests to a cozy dining area that also feels like a museum of sorts. Ornate decorations and displays in true German fashion harmonize the dainty fixtures. Wooden panels give the interior a warm and cozy ambiance that is both simple and elegant. It also shows memorabilia and souvenirs of Germany and as well as Mrs. Stummer’s travels around the world.” ~Flavours of Iloilo

“The place is really very conducive for laid back moments and productive conversation with friends, families, or loved ones.” ~ Am a Picky Foodie

“Bavaria restaurant is offering the best and unforgettable dining experience from its cozy elegant dining area to Mouthwatering German cuisine that one would feel like their in Germany.” ~ Banana Travels

“What’s good about this place is the silent privacy you can enjoy while sipping wine.” ~ Iloilo Events

If you wish to dig deeper, just go herehere and here for some more information, and also follow Bavaria on Facebook.

Content Disclaimer

Actual experience may vary, as references and link sources that have been provided are kinda outdated. Photos, however, are taken just about 2 months ago.

What’s on Bavaria’s menu? You can find bits of information through the links and just check out the next post for more!


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