An Update on My Top Favorite Ukay-Ukay Center in Iloilo City


I’ve boiled down my top fave ukay centers here in Iloilo City. And it’s just because I don’t have as much spare time anymore. Some ukay centers have also changed and finding something that I like seems a lot harder than usual.

I now recommend Joemil’s (located at MaryMart Mall and alongside the main entrance of Amigo Terrace Hotel) as the first stop because of all the clothes, bags, caps and shoes that they have available.

Everything is well-sorted and priced accordingly. From shirts, blouses, jackets, dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, etc. I just usually drop by at Toppings (also located at MaryMart Mall) to find some rare home items to add to my collection.

What about Magarbo (MaryMart Mall)? I’m not so sure anymore because even when they always go on super sale and clothes are sorted by color, it’s not as well-sorted as Joemil’s and some clothes are already in bad condition.

Adiwang (located across BPI Iznart) is where I can usually find exactly what I’m looking for – character stuffed toys of a few of my favorites. But sadly, they don’t sell such items as often as before.

Not that I’ve totally gotten rid of the rest. In fact, you can still refer to my initial list for further details. But if you really want to save as much time, effort and money, then Joemil’s is the place to be. As most of their branded stuff are good as brand new, every money spent is really worth it. Haggle with much respect and you’ll save even more.

3 thoughts on “An Update on My Top Favorite Ukay-Ukay Center in Iloilo City

  1. Gud pm!,sir/mam!,gusto ko kumuha ng relief clothes niyo gusto ko sana monthly to pay,kasi nagtitinda ako dito ng ukay ukay sa market ng Alimodian,at gusto ko kumuha ng relief ninyo,hope for your consideration,I’m Fatima Perez taga Alimodian

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