"The Hambokokus Slayer" by Pigboom crap ART

“The Hambokokus Slayer” by Pigboom crap ART

From availing free blog hosting services (Blogger and WordPress) to a self-hosted one, I tried almost anything and everything that I thought would work well.

I tried ADSENSE too, and clicked my own ads out of ignorance. I got a hang of it eventually, and stepped further into the realm as a spammer out of curiosity.

Yeah. What a stupid thing to do, but no regrets. It was all worth it!

As one of the early birds of the pack, I never had any second thoughts and blogged as much as I could. But then, I got confused about my priorities and went berserk without realizing it.

So the fun and fame were put to a halt.

Sugar and spice, everything’s almost nice… OINK! I became one of the late bloomers of the pack over in an instant. I could barely count the failed attempts and it took a while for me to get back on my feet.

The first half of my blogging years was indeed more awesome. But the second half was an experience far better than the first. I’ve learned a lot from both ends and it’s been a while, it’s been 6+ years!!! Already?

From being just a self-taught slash multi-tasking night owl blogger and information hoarder…

To a professional, single-tasking virtual assistant.
And art enthusiast slash cheap collectible finder of some sort.

Here I am once again, ready as ever to embrace and create new (and hopefully lasting) changes in my life. To slave myself away is out of the picture. This time I choose to live in a much slower pace and just enjoy the moment.

Yes, I’m my own boss and I choose to follow my own path with slightest care of what others think, with less concern of what’s trending out there and without any plans to outsmart anyone but myself.

As long as it’s healthy, for the better and more convenient but not quite mainstream, I’m cool with things just the way they are. The weird and wild but still cute ones? That’s my kind of world.

I’m Pweng Bee, the babe who cried oink. This is my world and this is my story. For more of my stories, just go here.