A Summer Surprise with Two Penguins and Blue Tomatoes

Hooray for summer!

I tied a shark’s fin around my body, while my two pig-nosed penguins named Piyoz and Gunter put on their steampunk scanner goggles. We were screaming the “Happy Happy Joy Joy” song as we hit the beach.

I belly-flopped to the water, did a few breast strokes and forgot about my piggly wigglies.

“Piyoz! Blotitus!

Come out, come out wherever you are!” I yelled.

Not far away by the shore, I saw them waving at me and their faces were all blue when I approached them. Their goggles had detected a hybrid tomato plant that turned blue on every bite. Without a second thought, I took one bite and it tasted like blueberry cheesecake. Piyoz almost gobbled to death and Gunter felt very sleepy that he buried himself into the sand. Then, last thing I remembered was waking up covered in blue paint.

15th of July 2013, I was tasked to free write a short writing sample and this unportly story came up in less than 2 hours. The client loved the story, I got hired but was let go 2 days later. Why? No clear idea.

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