A Piece of Puto (So Plain, So Complicated… Yet So Finger-Licking Good!)

Puto Cheese (via istorya.net)

Puto Cheese (via istorya.net)

I’ve always thought of this Pinoy-style rice cake as white and fluffy. But it can actually be turned into something extraordinary? Look what I just accidentally uncovered, “puto” of all sorts!

I’m very eager to try these myself. Sadly, these variations aren’t easy to find. Lucky for you if you can make one but for now, let’s just feast with our eyes.

Puto Calasiao

Puto Calasiao (via niconica.wordpress.com)

Puto Cheese (via mumsified.com)

Puto Pandan (via philamfood.com)

Sugar-free Carrot/Pandan Puto (via panlasangpinoy.com)

Puto with Raspberry Jam (via pinoyamericanrecipes.blogspot.com)

Puto with Salted Duck Eggs (via angsarap.net)

Puto with Peanut Butter (via shootfirsteatlater.com)

Puto’t Kutsinta (via 365greatpinoystuff.wordpress.com)

PUTO BALANGHOY or Steamed Cassava (via kusinanimalou.blogspot.com)


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