A Brazo de Mercedes ala Ube in Celebration of Lopez Jaena Day

ube brazos

Ready as ever, after having pork adobo for breakfast, I am all set to go to the bank, and to the laundry shop (and maybe do a quick Christmas shopping).

Good thing I checked my phone before heading on and it was only then when I remembered…

Wednesdays are typically a “No Plastic” or “Bring Your Own Bag” Day, but today, it is Lopez Jaena Day and a holiday in my town.

Just as great. Now what am I supposed to do?

Instead of whining, I grabbed myself a fresh, hot cup of black coffee and resumed my normal routine. Lunch time came and after having pork pochero (pork again!), here was Lapaz Bakeshop’s Ube Brazo de Mercedes to serve me another unforgettable, first-taste experience.

Brazo de Mercedes

Mushy, mush, mush Brazo de Mercedes ala Ube

The piece was kind of mushy. Perhaps the fridge was not cool enough to maintain its solid state. I was doubtful at first (because of the mushiness) but that did not matter. I was even more excited anyway.

I have never been to Lapaz Bakeshop and I have only heard about their Ube Brazos from other bloggers. Ube, also referred to as ube halaya or purple yam, is one of the many popular ice-cream-and-cake flavors that I love and the brazo version is really a surprise for me.

It tasted just like ice cream. I am not sure what was sprinkled on top of it but there was a lot more ube on the center.  It was so much sweeter but just the right sweetness compared to the usual brazos that we know.

I remember the time when there was too much of it at home. Me and my youngest brother got sick of eating it and we gave it to the dog when no one else was watching (sorry folks, at least that dog got a sweet treat!).

Anyway, I wished that I have waited a little longer to grab my coffee. The Ube Brazos would have been a great pair. But no regrets. I almost licked my plate clean.

Cheers to the next big dessert, a one-of-its-kind to pair with coffee (or tea). I dedicate my first mouthful of Ube Brazos to Graciano López Jaena. A very happy 157th birthday to you Sir!

“A whole roll yields around 20 thin slices and sold at PhP22.50 per slice. Almost priced like most brazo de mercedes’ or maybe a little more but hey, it’s ube and you won’t regret you bought it. You might even get another slice or even another roll!” ~ Jorry Palada of Flavours of Iloilo


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