Cereal Goodness and More at Cerealicious Cafe

Lots of sugar… not so much spice yet still everything nice, experience the sweeter side of cereal like you’ve never had before. With 24 cereal flavors to choose from, it’s a cereal goodness to the blockbuster level here at the Cerealicious Cafe Continue reading

Ukay-Ukay Version 3.0 (Discover More in Iloilo City)

ukay ukay in Iloilo

We have this notion that relief clothes aren’t meant to be sold but for donation purposes only. Relief or used clothes… Such terms would sound alarming to a germ freak like me. Ukay-ukay could be just the same but we also have this notion that what’s being sold are sec0nd-hand. The items are either pre-loved, given as a present, not the right fit, bought for no reason or a factory overrun. Or perhaps, Continue reading

A Summer Surprise with Two Penguins and Blue Tomatoes

Hooray for summer!

I tied a shark’s fin around my body, while my two pig-nosed penguins named Piyoz and Gunter put on their steampunk scanner goggles. We were screaming the “Happy Happy Joy Joy” song as we hit the beach.

I belly-flopped to the water, did a few breast strokes and forgot about my piggly wigglies. Continue reading

Oink! Another Year and I’m Still Here!


Another “ber-month”, another year of spending the least possible time working on my computer and on the Internet. Another unexpected series of unfavorable yet “it happens for a reason” events and there’s only one route to take. Rain or shine, I chose to face what lies ahead with a positive attitude. It’s a rough journey. Shit happens. Reality bites. But yeah, it’s one of the best. Continue reading

An Update on My Top Favorite Ukay-Ukay Center in Iloilo City

(via blauearth.com)

I’ve boiled down my top fave ukay centers here in Iloilo City. And it’s just because I don’t have as much spare time anymore. Some ukay centers have also changed and finding something that I like seems a lot harder than usual.
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